Fowler Engines began as a relatively small and un-assuming facility in 1979.   From day one Fowler was known for quality workmanship, attention to detail and uncompromising results – you might say we created a solid foundation for success that drove us forward for 30+ years.

Fowler quickly out grew its startup location and we changed to our current location in 1984.  As our facilities expanded and our name became known, we built upon our early successes and have consistently reinvested in our customers, our people, skills and equipment. In the end, it is our commitment to the success of our customers that has focused our energies and enabled us to grow our business.


To reflect our expanded set of capabilities and products, we’ve recently introduced the ‘Fowler Performance’ name to better reflect our broader set of products, specialties and services.


Some of our key milestones are as follows:

   • 1979 – Fowler Engines was started

   • 1983 – Expanded our service offerings to include a full-line of Supercharger

      components, rebuilding services and complete ‘packaged’ solutions

   • 1984 – Moved to our current location on Switzer Avenue

   • 1987 – Added full 3D CNC machine capabilities which enabled us to start

      producing our own line of competition parts and components

   • 1993 – Introduced our own line of superior strength aluminum

     connecting rods.

   • 2011 – Bought the design, manufacturing and marketing rights to the

     complete Kobelco K-11 line of competition superchargers.

   • 2012 – Introduced the new and improved Fowler F-11 Standard line of

   ‘Superman’ superchargers

   • 2013 – Developed two ultra-performance lines of Fowler F-11

     Superchargers – known as the F-11 Plus and F-11 Xtreme.


Give us a call, drop us an eMail or just stop on by . . . we’ll be proud to introduce you to our full-featured line of products, services and top-notch support – all backed by 30+ years of history, real-world experience and a proven track record that you just can’t beat.  That’s why we continue to say:

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