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The newly introduced Fowler F-11 Xtreme takes the best. . . and makes it even better!    When you need Xtreme performance and the flexibility to tune your blower to achieve the right level of boost for a given overdrive, the F-11 Xtreme is your answer. The top of the blower case includes a removable insert – what we call an ‘Air-Shoe’. By unbolting and swapping in a different Air-Shoe length, you change the flow characteristics of the incoming air and this influences how boost levels correlate to overdrive ratios. We have a variety of different Air-Shoe designs – we’ll be happy to customize your specific supercharger to meet your racing needs.


In addition, a variety of additional features takes the F-11 Xtreme beyond the standard F-11 and puts it squarely in the front of the supercharger pack:


Swappable Air-Shoe inserts – customized to meet your needs

Teflon stripped end-frames to achieve optimal boost levels

CNC case relieving, profiling and pocket milling – reduces the overall

   weight by an incredible 9.5 lbs!

Strategically placed rear fuel port – for additional case/rotor cooling

F-11 Xtreme    Rotor Design                Additional Notes

14-71                High Helix


14-71 Xtreme blower with snout.

 The F-11 Xtreme is the ultimate supercharger for the serious racer. Every effort has been made to manufacture the most positive displacement supercharger on the market. This supercharger is available with several different air inlets as well as several different snout lengths.

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