Gentleman . . . It’s Time to Change Your Shoes!


The newly introduced Fowler F-11 Plus takes the standard . . . and adds some key tuning features!  When you need performance and flexibility to tune your blower to achieve the right level of boost for a given overdrive, the F-11 Plus is your answer. The top of the blower case includes a removable insert – what we call an ‘Air-Shoe’.  By unbolting and swapping in a different Air-Shoe length, you change the flow characteristics of the incoming air and this influences how boost levels correlate to overdrive ratios.  We have a variety of different Air-Shoe designs – we’ll be happy to customize your specific supercharger to meet your racing needs.


In addition, a variety of additional features takes the F-11 Plus beyond the F-11 Standard:

• Swappable Air-Shoe inserts – customized to meet your needs

All Fowler F-11 Superchargers Include These Performance Features:

• Precision CNC machined and heat treated components throughout

• Form-tool machined billet rotors – 60 degree (Standard Helix) and

  120 degree (High-Helix)

• Billet end-frames, 3” thick – indexed and press fit into the case

• Precision caged roller/ball bearings and double-lipped Teflon seals

• Full Teflon stripping

• Fuel cooling ports

• Blower drive snout is included (available in a wide range of



F-11 Plus supercharger assy.

The "Plus " Supercharger is manufactured to the same exacting tolerances

as all F-11 series Superchargers, but provides you with the ability to tune

the air inlet for your particular application without any timely handwork.

(simply change inserts)

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