Fowler started designing and in-house manufacturing our own line of custom billet aluminum connecting rods in 1993. Over the last 20 years, the Fowler connecting rod has become a staple in blown alcohol tractor pulling and other extreme motor sports. Just imagine running 5 of our blown alcohol engines and depending on 40 Fowler rods for success?  Many of our customers have been doing this for years and you can bet that if they experienced catastrophic connecting rod failures that our parts and our reputation would be “in the mud”!   We’re happy to say, that is not the case.


Our unique design features a ½” precision hollow dowel pin that locates the rod cap both longitudinally and laterally – to ensure exact alignment and promote bore concentricity and bearing life. Not only do we have all the “typical” applications from SBC, to BBC to about every competitive Hemi known to motor sports, we also use our own 3D parametric CAD designs to create custom rods in any configuration up to 20”.   Did you just read 20 . . .  yes you did, some of those diesel boys require big rods!


• Material – proprietary billet aluminum (the best “stuff” there is)

• Dowel Pins – ½” hollow dowel pins for exact alignment

• Rod Bolts – AISI H11 Tool Steel, 286,000 PSI – roll formed threads

• Applications – just about any standard or custom application you desire

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