Stroker Plate

Bolt this plate on the outside of your blower pulley to allow the use of a 1/2 inch drive breaker bar to rotate the engine.

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Removable Blower Mount Starter

Our most popular starter assembly. The blower mount removable starter features unobstructed access to the blower belt and top sprocket.

A second plug is included to attach to

your cables and battery pack. This starter requires approximately 14 inches in front of the top blower sprocket.

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Fixed Mount Starter Bracket Assembly

This bracket assembly provides a way to mount your aircraft starter to the front of the block.  Works for blown or naturally aspirated applications.

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Starter Drive Dog

Replacement driven dog for hand held oil fixed crank mount starter.

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Remote Starter Solenoid

This solenoid is a must for operating your 12

Volt starter on 24 Volts.  Wiring directions

are included.

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Starter Solenoid

These are 200 AMP intermittent duty relays with pure silver contacts.  Silver contacts are a must for switching high amperage circuits over 24 volts. These relays will provide hundreds of starts on either 36V or 48V circuits.

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