If it has a belt, makes horsepower and produces boost, we’ve probably built, serviced or improved its performance over the last 30+ years!   Fowler is one of the only complete supercharger design, manufacturer and service companies this side of the good ole’ Mississippi.   We offer a full range of parts and rebuilding services for all the popular supercharger systems (street and competition), including:   Kobelco, Fowler, Mooneyham, BDS, GMC, Dyer’s, RBS, Weiand, PSI, Whipple, ProCharger, etc..


In addition, we produce complete supercharger drive systems for almost any popular engine package, with both standard and custom offset capabilities.

Whether it is a 6-71 street supercharger on your 1969 Camaro or the latest Fowler F-11 XTreme 14-71 “Superman” blown alcohol blower on your tractor puller, we deliver the boost you need to get the job done.

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