Thinline Hydrometer

Kit - Nitro

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Timing Light

Operating on two D cell batteries, this inductive timing light works on all 6, 12, 24 volt ignition systems.  Ideal for magneto equipped

racing machines.

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Thinline Hydrometer

Kit - Gas or Methanol

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Thinline Magneto

Timer - Buzz Box

This timer has an audible buzzing sound and red light to indicate breaker point opening and closing so ignition timing can be completed without starting the engine.  Designed to operate with both magneto and breaker point ignition systems.

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Air Density Gauge & Case

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Leakage Tester

This cylinder leakage tester gives an accurate rate percent-of-leakage reading for quick cylinder and combustion chamber evaluation.  Hose extension and two adapters for 14mm and 18mm spark plug threads are included.  Single gauge design gives you percent-of-leakage readings instead of PSI reading.

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